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Fundings and grants for artists


Artist in Residency at Kirsten Kjærs Museum.

The Artist in Residency program has a maximum stay of 3 months. The guesthouse, an old farmer house, has seven sleeping rooms, a common kitchen and living room and two bathrooms.

The first week is always a paying-for-staying week. (7×125 Dkr/day). After the first week there are occasionally two possibilities, one can make a request about – to keep on paying-for-staying or working-for-staying 2 hours daily. When you stay more than one week, a deposit of 500 Dkr (about 70€) is charged upon arrival to cover cleaning service if the space is not in order after residence.

The artist will have to cover all their materials and look after their own meals.The artist in residency program at the museum is run on voluntary assistance, therefore the fulfillment of demands are limited by situation and possibility.

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