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Kirsten Kjær’s Museum provides a residential studio setting for self-directed artists wishing to practice their individual art forms. KKM will provide room and studio accommodation in exchange for two hours of work per day. KKM is run entirely on voluntary work and donations but if you prefer to concentrate on your practice you are instead welcome to contribute 875 DKK per week for your stay. You will need to cover all your other expenses materials including transport, materials, food, etc. Duration of Residency is between 1 – 3 months.

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Please be aware that it might take some time before you receive an answer to it, because the museum is run entirely on a voluntary basis.

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Artist in Residency at Kirsten Kjærs Museum
This formula is for new artists staying more than one week.
The Artist in Residency program has a maximum stay of 3 months. There is a trial period of 14 days. The first week is always a Paying-for-staying week. (7×125= 875 Dkr). After the first week one has two options, either to keep on paying-for-staying or working-for-staying.
Please fill in this formula and return it to:

Name: Date of staying:

Paying-for-staying, 125 Dkr. : or Working-for-staying, 2 hours a day:
“If working-for-staying, number the following options of preferable working fields:
Cleaning:……. Gardening:……. Painting:….. Carpentry:…. Forest work:….
Outdoor:…. Indoor:….”

“Which workshop are you interested in?
Graphic (printing and drawing): ….. Sculpture (bronze and plaster): ….. Painting: …… Concert Hall:…”

The artist will have to self cover all their materials expenses and look after their own meals
The artist in residency program in the museum is run on voluntary assistance, therefore the fulfillment of demands are limited by situation and possibility.

Sign, scan and return to the mail above:”