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There are many tasks involved in running a museum – especially Kirsten Kjaer’s Museum, which besides being a museum offers workshops, changing exhibitions, a rich music program, one guest house and 36 hectares of land to be looked after. Starting with spring 2013 we have started to establish a voluntary network for Kirsten Kjaer’s Museum in order to make sure that this place will still exist in 10 or in 20 years. It is our big hope that many from the local community and from else where in the world will participate.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at KK Museum, and to possibly hear more about it, please contact the project coordinators

We need help for: maintenance, visitor reception during opening hours, concert attendance, gardening, cleaning and probably much more. You probably will know best what you can contribute.

To all members of our network there is an open invitation to meet, eat and talk once per month. All the newcommers will have the opportunity to get to know the people already envolved into the daily tasks, and for everyone to discuss things of importance and of course all that relates to the voluntary work and the running of the museum.

As a KKM volunteer you will get the password to the calendar on this page, where you can keep track of the museum’s activities and sign up when you have spare time.

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