Water, Plant Medicine & Mycology in Nordic Arts,

18-22 March 2022 KIRSTEN KJÆR'S MUSEUM

We gather sauna masters, fire keepers, peace activists, researchers and artists in Denmark at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum to discuss how to reconsider embodied “hydrocommons” in contemporary arts and new ecology practices. The first gathering will happen over 4 days in Thy, Denmark from 18th-22th of March 2022 for the Water World Day and the spring equinox. The gathering will be in person and all the contributors will be attending physical presentations, film screenings, workshops, and other interventions in the museum and outdoor surroundings. We discuss contemporary and interdisciplinary artistic approaches of how our bodies, which are primarily composed of water, elucidate the problem of thinking about bodies in binarist terms as either “natural” or “cultural.” In bringing our focus on water and memory we propose to recover the memory of the territory through human conscious relationship to the elements of water and its biodiversity and ecosystems. Thinking about our relations to other humans and more-than-human watery bodies can help us to weave local healing traditions, arts, and new ecologies into the process. Water is the fluid of existence and the gateway of the universe that reunifies the self, the main aim of the project is to develop new rural contexts where the role of art can be explored and questioned about the interbeing of bodies of water on this planet. From ecofeminism, new ecologies, quantic/gentle activism, and neo animistic perspectives we would like to explore how art can bridge the distinctions between culture and nature. Water, Plant Medicine & Mycology in Nordic Arts is Curated by Lise Hovesen & Nazaré Soares. Supported by Nordic Culture Fund & Dáiddafoanda-ad hoc. Some events are open to the public, contact info@kkmuseum.dk More info: https://invisibledrum.com/water-plant-medicine-mycology-in-the-nordic-arts/