Kirsten Kjær’s Friends

Kirsten Kjær’s Friends was founded in 1943 by a group of people who wished to support Kirsten Kjær. Which meant that the association bought her pictures. Those purchases have been the rootstock of Kirsten Kjær’s Museum’s collection since 1980.

Today, the support association is an important player for the museum. With its annual contingent and donations, the Kirsten Kjær’s Friends contribute directly to the running of the museum.
As a member of Kirsten Kjær’s Friends, you and your companion have free access to Kirsten Kjær’s Museum. You will also receive the annual report, and be invited to the museum’s exhibitions, concerts, and further events.

The contribution for Kirsten Kjær’s Friends is 100 DKK annually. For households, the price is 150 DKK. Additional voluntary donations in are continuously received in great gratitude.

If you wish to support Kirsten Kjær’s Museum by subscribing to a membership, please write to or subscribe next time you visit the museum.

Billedet er fra den stiftende generalforsamling af Kirsten Kjærs Venner i 1943.