17. oktober 2020 @ 9:30 – 13:30
Dance and Qigong / try out workshop
with Victoria Hauke, Hamburg/Germany.
Prize: 220 kr
Register by sending mail to:
info@kkmuseum.dk “qigong”
Limited places.
Qigong is a far eastern movement and health practice. Contemporary Dance, like the practice of Qigong, is often based on this holistic approach.
This workshop connects body work based on the basic principles of Qigong into dance movements, and it will give a little introduction to Qigong.
The participants get the opportunity to immerse themselves in basic principles of movement such as grounding and straightening up, weight and lightness, elasticity or inner rhythm and breath.
Aspects of health, such as well being, physical and emotional aspects, such as joy and confidence, flow into our dance as creative potential.
We will start with easy movements, with and without music, and we will then improvise freely, so that everyone can move according to their own means and desires.
This course is for everyone, you do not need any previous experience.
Clothing: wide comfortable clothing.
Feet: barefoot or socks, sneakers are ok too.
Victoria Hauke is choreographer and dancer. The core of Victorias work ist inspired by how the emotional physicality of the body enfolds out of its somatic, energetic and sensory processes while relating to a specific theme or environment.
From 1993 on she created about 60 pieces and installations, shown in national and international venues. For more than 20 years she has been studying and practising Taijijuan and Qigong. This gives a huge impact to her work and to her approach to the human body and also to her way of teaching dance and movement.
Victoria also works as a mentor for dance projects and teaches at festivals or institutions in Germany and abroad as well as in her own studio in Hamburg.
Photo: ©AnjaBeutler
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