Music for accordion, classical and variate.



Rhapsody nr.2 (P.Frosini)

Visjoner, 1.sats (A.Walter)

Musette Brouette (M.Romberg)

Polka Vivace (H.Haagenrud)

Rhapsody nr.3 (P.Frosini)

La Mariposita (P.Frosini)

Love Smiles (P.Frosini)

Accordion Impromptu (T.Tollefsen)

Acquarelli Cubani (L.Fancelli)

Scherzo (J.Gart)

Olive Blossom (P.Frosini)

Dizzy Fingers (Z.Confrey)

Chorhino Para Ele (H.Pasqual)

Pemberton Inn (P.Frosini)

Carnival In Venedig (P.Frosini)

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