Dance and theatre workshop: “From Poetry to Motion”

Dance and theatre workshop: “From Poetry to Motion”

22.06.2024 14:00-18:00

Body and physical states with Tatiana Zuccolotto (physical actress), Victoria Hauke (dancer, choreographer)

During this workshop you will explore some of the creative methods and working principles Zuccolotto and Hauke used in the performance `do we pray enough`.

Using improvisation methods, inspired by the japanese form of short poem, “Haiku”, we create movements and text. All this material will be used to make a group improvisation. In a playful training of physical and vocal awareness, we will let the Qi energy move us. The training will guide us on how to move in a grounded and elastic way in space and how to use our voice in a joyful way.

Price: 280 kr (140 kr for under 25). Please register in advance
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